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    I have a couple of 9981's. I ordered one used, and one new. I am keeping the new one for myself.

    The USED one - well it is able to upgrade it's software OS no problem

    But the NEW phone - will not. Now - I DO NOT have a data plan on my SIM card. NEver had BIS. Been using a 9900 for a while no problem. When I try to update the NEW 9981 it says that because they phone has never had Blackberry Services it is not able to upgrade the software. It's running 7.0. I want to get it to 7.1

    I am wondering - Does this mean I just need a data plan? A BIS plan?

    I will speak to my carrier and get it for a month trial just so I can upgrade the OS if that's all that is needed.

    Thank you!

    UPDATE - YES - just need an active data plan and the OS is upgradable after that....
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    10-22-13 02:47 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Glad you got it figured out!
    10-23-13 01:36 PM

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