1. fdnj48's Avatar
    Is there anyway to get the Word Mole game that comes in the Storm and even the 8350i on the 8330?
    04-28-09 08:48 PM
  2. The Siege's Avatar
    I have been wondering the exact same thing
    07-06-09 11:38 PM
  3. princessdenise's Avatar
    Bumping this up cause I want it too

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    07-06-09 11:46 PM
  4. xliderider's Avatar
    Downloading the 8350i OS files now... I'll see if anything can be done.

    It might need OS 4.6 to run properly, but half the files in my OS are 4.6.
    07-06-09 11:57 PM
  5. xliderider's Avatar
    Oh well, it's a no go.

    I tried loading the Klondike, Word Mole, and Sudoku files on my 8330.

    Application Loader gives a message about the applications not being compatible with the device.
    07-07-09 02:10 AM
  6. xlarkascendingx's Avatar
    Yeah i tried it when building my OS. Nothing worked whatsoever.

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    07-07-09 10:44 AM