1. Smiley88's Avatar
    Looking for good testers for our Battle ship clone game.

    Video Demo:

    If you have a Curve or 320 x 240 screen BB then send email
    to support@toysoft.ca

    Sorry if we can not reply to all.
    04-13-09 12:40 AM
  2. ninja please's Avatar
    looks like a fun game, I loved battleship when I was younger.
    04-13-09 01:01 AM
  3. SkyGeek's Avatar
    Shoot, I'm in.
    Just sent you an e-mail.
    04-13-09 09:49 AM
  4. cwhitney24's Avatar
    Just sent an email to ya...would love to test this on my curve 8310
    04-13-09 11:08 AM
  5. GNRPowdeR's Avatar
    Email inbound...

    04-14-09 01:42 AM
  6. Raiderhog's Avatar
    Sending email
    04-14-09 07:44 AM
  7. Projectile's Avatar
    Same here.... Just don't sink my battle ship.
    04-14-09 10:57 AM
  8. wpwren's Avatar
    Email sent

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-14-09 09:03 PM
  9. jhilker's Avatar
    E-mail sent here too!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-14-09 10:08 PM
  10. mrwdr1975's Avatar
    Sure. I'm game.

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    04-14-09 11:51 PM
  11. bklyneddie's Avatar
    Email sent. Hopefully they are still looking for testers.
    04-15-09 12:27 AM
  12. bklyneddie's Avatar
    I guess they don't need testers anymore.
    They have the game on there web site (Toysoft Development Inc.- Battle Ship for Blackberry)
    04-16-09 06:37 PM
  13. wpwren's Avatar
    Did any one get the opportunity to do any testing as a result of posting in this thread?
    04-16-09 07:06 PM
  14. papped's Avatar
    I sent them an email when they first opened it and I'm in the beta. I didn't post here though..
    04-16-09 07:11 PM
  15. bklyneddie's Avatar
    I never heard back. But I was a few days late.
    04-16-09 07:24 PM