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    MeBoy is a Gameboy emulator for mobile phones.

    MeBoy is a Gameboy emulator for mobile phones (which means you can use it to play Gameboy games on a mobile phone). It works on phones with support for Java Micro Edition, specifically MIDP 2.0.

    As of version 1.3, the much-requested support for Gameboy Color games is finally here! Beware though, most Gameboy Color games require twice the CPU speed of black/white Gameboy games. However, as you can see in the picture, a patient gamer can play them (albeit in slow-motion) even on a lowly K700i.

    With MeBoy you can also save your progress at any time, whether the game supports saving or not! Any number of saved games can be stored concurrently (only limited by your phone's available storage space).


    Since mobile phones don't handle files in the same way computers do, you must include the ROM files in the game's ".jar" file before playing. Don't worry though, MeBoyBuilder automates the process (don't be intimidated by the list, it's really quite simple):

    1. Make sure you have Java installed on your computer, version 1.5 or later.
    2. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar.
    3. Run MeBoyBuilder.jar by double-clicking.
    4. Press the "Add ROM" and select a ROM file. Repeat for all games you want to add (some phones do not accept very large ".jar" files though).
    5. Press the "Finish" button. The file MeBoy.jar is created for you (in the same directory as MeBoyBuilder.jar, or your browser's default directory).
    6. Copy MeBoy.jar to your phone. If the phone accepted the file, you're done! Otherwise, read on:
    7. Some phones want a ".jad" file, which is a text file with info about the ".jar" file. MeBoy.jad is created for this reason. (If your phone accepted MeBoy.jar, you do not need MeBoy.jad and can safely throw it away.)

    On some computers, the ".jar" file extension is not correctly interpreted as a Java program. If this happens, you can (in Windows) right-click on MeBoyBuilder.jar and select "Open with"->"Java(TM) Platform SE Binary". You need to have Java installed for this to work.

    Once you got MeBoy running, check out the usage guide for more info. Also, feel free to update the compatibility list if your phone model is not already in the list.

    Note: From this page you can download MeBoy (the emulator), but you can not download any ROM files. A ROM file contains the information from the game cartridge, and is required for running MeBoy. Commercial ROMs can be found on various sites around the net, and may or may not be legal to download in your jurisdiction (also, possibly depending on if you own a copy of the game in question). Noncommercial ROMs are available as well.

    What's New in This Release:

    Improved speed of writes to graphics memory
    Improved screen redraw syncing, especially for Advanced Graphics mode
    Improved speed of doubled sprites (8x16 pixel) by drawing one large image instead of two small
    Improved speed of decoding images in Advanced Graphics mode
    Tweaked the sprite drawing loop to be slightly faster and better reflect the order sprites should be drawn, especially in Gameboy Color games
    Simple Graphics mode now crops images that have transparent borders
    Simple Graphics detects solid images, and creates Images without alpha channel
    Tweaked decoding of images when scaling the screen to 75%
    Fixed flicker when the LCD screen was turned off
    Fixed bug when decoding Gameboy Color palettes (Pokemon trading card game starts now)
    Fixed HDMA bug when interrupts are disabled (Donkey Kong Country starts now)
    Fixed speed-switch bug where read-only bits could be written to (Conker's Pocket Tales starts now)
    Tweaked handling of cart-RAM (hopefully improving compatibility, but it's hard to tell)
    Emulation is now paused when setting keys

    09-06-10 04:34 PM