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    Hi, I want to do google sign in in Clash OF clans, as i dont want to loose my village.
    i know i can backup the COC game with BB link, but i want to link it with google id, so that i can move this game to another android phone.
    09-24-15 04:17 AM
  2. shupor's Avatar
    Not sure how to get Google Sign in to work on a BB10 device but I found this online.

    In order to recover a village, they will need to attach it to a Google+ account so you can access it.

    You will need to make a Google+ account, and start a clash of clans village so you can access the in-game reporting.

    From the in-game reporting (while that village is attached to Google+) submit a trouble ticket and do NOT erase any of the pre-populated data the game inserts into the e-mail. Without this, your support case can take 2-3 times as long to solve.

    Within that e-mail generated from the in-game reporting, let them know the original/missing village name, player level, town hall level, clan name, clan shield graphic, and last time you accessed the game.

    If they can locate the village, and verify ownership, they can attach your missing game to that current Google+ account, and you will be all set.

    If you do all those steps, it can take a few weeks.

    If you only e-mail them saying my village named "twister" is lost, help me, it can take more than a month as they will need to e-mail you several times to get all the info and get your Google+ account created, etc.

    Your in-game reporting generates an e-mail with required info. Supercell will reply with an automated response assigning you a support ticket number. If... after several weeks to a month you don't hear anything further, post your ticket # here and we can ask support to review it. Sometimes it's waiting for communication from the player that was caught in e-mail spam filter for instance.

    It is not a speedy process to fix this, so please be patient.

    Anyone else reading this - please go to your settings tab and connect your village to a Google+ account.
    09-24-15 09:13 AM
  3. jah24's Avatar
    11-02-15 08:55 PM

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