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    Sorry if there is already one of these threads, I looked back about a month and didn't see one.

    Post yours!

    I'll post mine in a bit, I don't think it's that high but I'm curious to see how it fares...

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    11-30-10 10:28 PM
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    guess I'm the only one who thinks this is the perfect in-between-almost-anything game...

    let me break the ice.. my highest is 38,855
    12-03-10 03:00 AM
  3. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    Is it free and for the Torch?
    12-09-10 05:38 PM
  4. fonz600's Avatar
    Is it free and for the Torch?
    It's on App Store for 1.59 but comes with a message not to use on Torch as they are experiencing problems with it.
    12-10-10 07:20 AM
  5. blackcaneaddict's Avatar
    Classic- 30k
    Full- 35k

    Hey, anybody here running the 3.0 update? I've been getting a message that says, " DJ isnt available for download in the appworld", every time to click on the upgrade icon. I haeve 1.0 but it would be nice to know what all they change since then.

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    12-10-10 09:38 PM
  6. mackie89's Avatar
    23k and a bit. Still trying to get it higher aha

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    12-13-10 11:12 AM
  7. jforce's Avatar
    141803. Such a great game. There really should be a way to submit scores in the game. Ah well.

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    02-03-11 07:44 PM
  8. jasonvw's Avatar
    40,719. Love the game. So simple yet so addictive.
    02-18-11 09:04 AM
  9. blackcaneaddict's Avatar
    new classic score high: 40,000

    Great game, but i wish i could upgrade it past the first version!

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    02-22-11 07:28 PM
  10. thosehonan's Avatar
    78,936 its not bad but i miss acceleramator controls
    03-09-11 05:04 AM
  11. SeanHolshouser's Avatar
    It's sad, I'm not as good as a lot of people, but I'm still pretty good! Mine is 155,222, (no hacks, it just came out that way)... Well, at least it was 3 weeks ago. I topped that a few days ago with 177,854, and came close tonight with 115,788. This is all for the iPad version. If you look me up on the Game Center, under SeanHolshouser, I'm #74 in the world.

    Update: I made it to 240,059 yesterday, become number one in the world for today, and am #4 for this week.

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    01-10-12 11:44 PM
  12. CrackBerryPlayBook's Avatar
    my top is 103,291 on the playbook! i changed .apk to .bar and signed it! it works with accelerometer perfectly.
    09-03-12 04:29 AM
  13. Mobile120's Avatar
    Really impressive top scores. I used to plaz it a couple years ago
    12-08-20 11:54 AM
  14. buckyshelby344's Avatar
    I am not so perfect or good at playing , my top is 62,934 . I am curious about top score of player at this threat
    04-02-22 11:25 AM