1. rwberman's Avatar
    I'm one of the many who didn't mind paying $2.99/month for Magmic's New York Times Crossword puzzles. But now they seem to have dropped the product. So now what. I'm a crossword fanatic. Are there any BlackBerry crossword apps, free or pay?
    10-26-10 08:27 PM
  2. connersmommy86's Avatar
    Just don't get the "daily crossword" app for $0.99..... I don't really like it...the clues are so vague, but if you like that sort of thing....? Idk I don't recommend it... My dad is a crossword freak and he didn't even get them

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    11-12-10 01:21 PM
  3. Pseven7's Avatar
    Hi rwberman,

    The product has been re-delivered to AppWorld and now is better than ever! It uses BlackBerry Payment integration so you can subscribe to NY Times Crosswords by using your BlackBerry Wallet.

    Check it out!
    06-02-11 10:40 AM