1. dizelsky's Avatar
    hello there,

    I'm about to buy a chess game on my 9320, and I was just wondering, which one would be better:

    1. chess ultimate pro

    BlackBerry World - Chess Ultimate Pro


    2. chess anywhere

    BlackBerry World - ChessAnywhere

    I would like to play mostly against computer, and my question is - does the first one, which is cheaper, contain levels of AI? and for both apps, is it possible to play against a friend on one phone? it is not included in the description.

    or perhaps you have other interesting chess games on 9320, which have AI with levels and a possibility to play between two humans on one phone? (online games are not priority) Thanks
    10-23-13 08:49 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    10-23-13 09:55 PM

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