03-18-16 11:46 AM
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  1. Plan-A's Avatar
    This is a funny thread. Two of my friends and I were in competition with each other. Anytime someone was ahead of me I had to keep playing until I was ahead. Anyhow this went on periodically for 2 to 3 months and the result is I have a high score of 14,680 and I reached level 26. Unfortunately my friends score is higher, but I got burned out and quite playing.
    07-31-07 11:56 PM
  2. Plan-A's Avatar
    my highscore is 17740 ended in lvl 4
    when you finish the game the whole thing starts all over again, but the difference is that the bricks come down the first time the ball hitts the paddle...
    I was wondering what happened when you beat the last level. So no ending huh, just some more levels but harder.
    07-31-07 11:58 PM
  3. txmmoore's Avatar
    I was sitting on the toilet the other day and got to level 14, 9875. Probably would have been higher, but I had to wipe.
    08-01-07 01:23 PM
  4. AlexKort's Avatar
    I'm at 94,190, so VERY far from the million and above points of top users. I think it's the seventh time around the 34 levels. Still have 28 lives. Trick is getting through the first two times around and then it get really easy. Also, LEARN TO USE THE FLIP PILL!!!!! Use the gun to destroy bricks with the least amount of hits remaining to get more point usage out of them. Good luck!
    08-13-07 10:47 PM
  5. renegade37918's Avatar
    I have a score of 8510 level 13
    08-15-07 12:28 AM
  6. washingtongirl's Avatar
    ive gone through all the levels and all the way back to level 7 with a highscore of 19,390. its an addicting game...
    08-20-07 05:30 PM
  7. bruno.vanl's Avatar
    I have gone through all the levels and all the way back to level 11 with a
    highscore of 21,960.
    09-04-07 11:48 AM
  8. TheBootfitter's Avatar
    High score thus far is 336K after 19 times through all 34 levels. Then my ball disappeared off the screen and was lost forever. Had to start over from scratch.

    Currently I'm on round #14 with a score in the mid-200's. I'm averaging about 17.6K per round, so I should break into the top 20 on the leaderboard if I am able to keep going until the game ends on round #80.
    09-08-07 03:43 PM
  9. atlboudreaux's Avatar
    To the "BootFitter": All I can say is you have way Too Much Time On Your Hands!
    09-20-07 08:39 AM
  10. Firesource's Avatar
    5750 Level 11....

    My kids same that is lame
    09-20-07 10:23 AM
  11. TreyStyles's Avatar
    My high score is 15,040. I only got to level 31.
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    09-20-07 04:45 PM
  12. berrywhite's Avatar
    32,155 Level 7
    09-28-07 12:36 PM
  13. ArmyBerry's Avatar
    15170, Level 29 on an 8830
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    09-28-07 03:54 PM
  14. mlomeli's Avatar
    9020 lvl 15
    10-02-07 05:31 PM
  15. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    Yeah I love the game but I am not that good at it lmao! 3810 level 8 how are ya'll racking up all these points?
    10-03-07 05:51 AM
  16. Solachica's Avatar
    Level 8. My score is 3530

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    10-03-07 07:40 AM
  17. dancingqueen82's Avatar
    My high score is 10910, Level 20.

    My boyfriend's, though, (Grr!!!) is over 13000, Level 26!
    10-17-07 09:17 AM
  18. Berryman's Avatar
    9310 - level 16. And I burnt up three lives just trying to complete level 16
    10-17-07 09:24 AM
  19. renegade37918's Avatar
    I calling bs on some of these scores. My new high score is 8890. Level 16

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    10-17-07 12:33 PM
  20. keybdcowby's Avatar
    My current high score is 30,790 on the BB 8830. I completed all 34 levels and have made it back through to level 26.

    Yes, I do have to much time on my hands!
    10-20-07 02:37 AM
  21. bbunny's Avatar
    I am at 9920, level 16; hanging there since days and starting to get crazy... Everytime the ball jumps out again, the metal bricks move closer and closer (it's that kind of U-form), and I loose all my lives...
    Is there a trick or am I just too slow?
    10-20-07 07:35 PM
  22. johnnywoods's Avatar
    Level: 10
    Score: 5440
    How do you post screen shots?
    10-21-07 11:21 AM
  23. venesiasanders's Avatar
    Level 2 390pts.......WHat??? It's high for me
    10-21-07 11:36 PM
  24. kwilliams's Avatar
    It is possible to have a score ending in 5. When you have the bomb and hit a brick, you receive 5 extra points for that hit.

    My current high score is 1,326,870 on the 34-level version. I have been through the 34-level sequence 79 times and have 250 lives left. I would post a screenshot but I don't know how to do that and I don't want to take a chance of ending my game by accident. Any suggestions?
    10-26-07 11:19 AM
  25. Berryman's Avatar
    Now level 24 with a high score of 14,260 - the levels seem to get shorter and easier after level 16.

    Does anyone else experience the fairly regular problem of the ball disappearing off the screen - and you are left there unable to continue
    10-29-07 03:15 PM
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