1. Radical924's Avatar
    Hey there I was looking into app alternatives to MeBoy for my Blackberry Bold 9900... I am just getting sick of playing games with no sound lol... Any idea if the "Berry GBC" app still exists??? I would like to try it out! If not are there any other gameboy emulator alternatives that have sound that work for the Blackberry Bold 9900???Thanks!
    07-24-14 11:50 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    So you're looking for a GB emulator for your 9900. I would check BBW and Google.
    07-29-14 11:12 AM
  3. Radical924's Avatar
    Yeah I did that and all I could find was either MeBoy or Berry GBC... I have tried MeBoy and it is awesome but no sound... So I wanted to try Berry GBC but I can't find it on here anymore.... So I was just wondering if someone knew of an alternative I couldn't find myself or how I could get Berry GBC... Maybe even something designed for another type of phone that works perfectly on the Bold 9900 idk... It would just be nice if I could play some of the gameboy games I have on my phone with sound lol.
    07-29-14 03:54 PM

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