1. Sportsmen's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone had any new games or apps that I just HAD to download!

    Thanks guys!
    06-27-09 11:15 PM
  2. Iceman's Avatar
    Have you checked any of these threads to see if anything catches your attention?


    If you are into music I highly suggest Slacker, it is a great app. Enjoy...
    06-27-09 11:18 PM
  3. Sportsmen's Avatar
    Yeah I have seen those.

    Nothing new listed in the last month or so.

    Just curious if any of you guys tried something and it was amazing. Also some of that stuff sounds great then does not work on our BB which can be annoying!
    06-29-09 01:05 PM
  4. Casper34's Avatar
    im the type of person that if i dont like an app, i delete it. well that being said........

    these are the apps i have, i am pretty sure you can get them from that app store. EXCEPTED noted.

    Google Mobile
    Google maps (see note 1)
    Poynt (see note 1)
    iHeartraido (iheartmusic.com)
    My Alarm (jerry d's page)
    Nascar(sprint store)
    Nfl (sprint store)
    CB Launcher
    Local news link (yes a link created from a local news station, not one i made)
    i Love Blackberry
    Facebook (facebook.com, or search the forums)
    Smrtguard (when it works)
    Capture it (jerry d's page)
    Accuweather (web link from Accuweather.com)

    ok here is the Google maps and poynt note 1

    poynt uses google maps to find your location, then you can search for whatever you need. it gives you address, directions, distance to, phone number, web links.... pretty sweet app.
    06-29-09 02:58 PM
  5. FragU's Avatar

    My personal favorite for an app is Podtrapper... available at versatilemonkey.com

    I'm big on audio podcasts, and listen to quite a few audio books. This is fantastic for me because it automatically downloads the podcasts I listen to (set it up once and it gets every episode going forward), all I do is crank it up to 11...

    On the audio book front, this is my favorite way to listen because it stores (auto bookmarks) your location when you leave the app - you always pick up where you left off.

    To top it off, the customer service and dedication by the developer can't be beat. Highly recommended.

    Best $10 I ever spent.
    06-30-09 04:03 PM