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    I'm new to the bb phones and I have a bb curve 9220. Since I got my bb, I've been experiencing some issues with the youtube app on my wi-fi mostly. I go to the youtube mobile page (through youtube app or through the browser), get to play the video, everything workss fine, the quality is great and the video plays really good, until it gets to the first minute of playing and it starts buffering endlessly, like 2-3 minutes, and then it shows an error message, that the connection is lost or something like that. Then, I press OK, press play again, and it starts again to work fine again from where it stopped, until 1 minute of playing, when starts to buffer again and it shows that same error message. It's driving me mad . Sometimes the video doesn't start at all and it says that the link doesn't exist, when it obviously does since I clicked on the youtube page or tried to play it previousluy. I tried to watch a video on dailymotion, with my wi-fi on, and no buffering. I also tried to watch it from another wi-fi, and experienced the same problem, so it's not my wi-fi connection (unless both of the connections were slow )
    I don't have a BIS plan, I just have some slow internet on my plan and I barely use it for youtube, but it works though, except the quality of the video is really poor, but it loads completely without buffering a bit: I would use the phone internet instead of the wi-fi but I don't wanna be charged extra -.-'.
    I live in Portugal, and my network is Vodafone. My phone's OS is 7.1. I tried to soft and hard reset the mobile phone, to remove the battery for more than 30 minutes, I did a security wipe, uninstalled the app, install it again from aoo world so it's the latest version, checked and unchecked a lot of browser options, but still nothing, the youtube on my mobile doesn't get any better... I've been searchin on the internet for someone with the same problem, didn't find any answers

    Plaese help...
    09-11-13 12:42 PM
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    First off try rebooting your router, BUT I really think this is an issue with youtube. I have problems with their videos also sometimes, on my device AND on a PC, so I really think it's on the youtube end. Perhaps they need to optimize their servers. Also it could be the videos you are trying. Some are compressed better than others.
    09-13-13 11:06 AM
  3. bbuser9220pt's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer...

    It happens with every single video. But yeah it's probably youtube.
    09-14-13 07:39 AM

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