1. gogogamera's Avatar
    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm using the native email application.

    I can't seem to get any of my yahoo mail and even though it shows as sent the emails don't seem to go out. Now I've done a lot of searching and the questions I can't get a definitive answer for are:

    1. Do you *have* to use the Yahoo app?

    2. Do you have to use either the app or buy yahoo mail plus (neither of which I'd like to do)?

    3. Are there any other options or do I just have it configured wrong?
    11-21-12 06:41 PM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    Sounds like your settings are wrong in the setup with rebards to the smtp port numbers. I dont use the app but have it setup like any other email.
    11-21-12 09:46 PM

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