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    Is there anyone here who's written / hacked service books?

    Using MagicBerry (and a Hex editor to see the information MagicBerry won't show) I've managed to figure out how to write a set of service books (WAP MMS Transport, WAP2 Transport, WAP Push Config) that let me send MMS through my regular data plan. I haven't been able to figure out how to receive MMS yet though... and sending takes forever (10 to 15 minutes).

    So if there's anyone out there with any tips who feels like sharing, let me know. At this point, I don't know which of the three service books is responsible for incoming MMS. Anyways, I'll undoubtedly keep on muddling...

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    02-20-15 11:23 AM
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    I've now gotten to the point where I also get notifications that MMS messages have arrived, and a download link button to get the messages, but they don't download. I'd love to see a set of Koodo or Telus service books...

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    02-21-15 08:40 PM
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    So this definitely can be done, but not with MagicBerry. You have to do the editing in the hex editor. I'll write up a guide to the anatomy of service books if anyone's interested.
    03-03-15 01:37 PM
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    Interested in your guide.
    I have my old devices that I use just for voice calls & texts on secondary SIM card.
    Keep up the good work. I hope to learn to do that stuff as a pastime lol.

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    Interested in your guide.
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    I'll get on this soon. If you check the guide in my sig, there's a link to a guide on editing MMS service books that I posted over at the BlackBerry support forums. It just explains what to do to get MMS working though. It doesn't explain what's going on.

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    The anatomy of a service book

    Before you get started with this post, read this: https://supportforums.blackberry.com...S/td-p/3067590

    You must understand the basic concepts explained there to make sense of what follows.

    This is an example of a service book, displayed in a hex editor. The file was created to enable MMS on Koodo prepaid on my Bold 9900.

    Writing Service Books-sb1.jpg

    What does it all mean?

    Section and subsection headers

    Writing Service Books-sb2.jpg
    Green Block Header. This header starts every service book. The three 00 bytes always follow the header. They may denote the end of the header block, or they may denote the beginning of the service book length block. In any case, they serve as the divider between the two.

    Dark Grey Block The service book length block. A count of the total number of bytes that follow. It defines the total length of the service book. In this file, the value is 24 01 00 00, which breaks down as: 24(hex)=36 01(hex)=256. The total (36+256) is 292. If the number of bytes following the grey block was less than 256, there would be no 01 in the second position. For example, if there were 226 bytes following the block, the grey block would look like this: E2 00 00 00.

    Light Grey Blocks Each “section” or “field” in the service book is preceded by a header or label of three bytes that defines the section length and purpose. The first of the three bytes indicates the number of bytes in the section that follows. The middle byte is always “00.” The last byte is the section identification number. So 04 00 01 means that a four byte long section follows, and that it is section type 1. You’ll notice that the next section is section type 2. If the service book contains no information for a particular section type, it is absent from the record. Hence, the jump from section 3 to section 5.

    Bolded Light Grey Blocks (the text is bolded black) There are two “special” sections in this example, and I’ve bolded those three-byte section headers. Type 23 (hex 17), which starts what I refer to as the “main body” of the service book, and type 22 (hex 16), which starts the Host Routing Table. Note that the content of section type 23 is always a repetition of the four bytes that the “Red” Block, discussed below.

    Yellow Blocks These blocks indicate subsections within section 9. In these special subsection headers, the final byte is the length indicator. I don’t understand the syntax of the preceding bytes, although they must be subsection type identifiers.

    Red Block The final four bytes in this block are always repeated at the point where the main body of the service book begins. I’m not sure what the first three bytes mean, or if they’re even related. I thought they had something to do with the number of sections that follow, but that seems to be inaccurate.

    Knowing the structure of service book headers and fields should allow you to decrypt other service books.

    Section content

    I do not know what every section does. In what follows, each section in this particular service book is presented in order, and explained, if I understand it. In general, the section header is highlighted (as it is in the service book above) and the content, which follows the header, is not. I figured out a lot of this by opening .ipd files in the hex editor, MagicBerry, and a program called “IPDEditor,” which you can download here: https://code.google.com/p/ipdeditor/ I compared what I saw in the files with the published information on MMS settings. While the example is for an MMS service books, all service books share the same basic structure.

    Where the hexadecimal numbers represent human-readable alphanumeric information, it is provided in parentheses. I couldn't format this well enough as text, so chose to include it as pics. The pics are more legible if you click on them.

    Writing Service Books-sb6.jpgWriting Service Books-sb7.jpg
    Writing Service Books-sb5.jpg

    Happy hacking! If you notice any errors, let me know.
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    Wow! Wish I learned that stuff when I was younger

    Blackberry Passport running
    07-26-15 08:39 PM

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