1. schnable's Avatar
    I've noticed that all the leaks and hybrids are posted on these free download sites like 4shared and whatnot. Is this because there are liability issues with hosting the files on a personal server?
    01-25-10 12:50 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Leaks are stolen intellectual property in RIM's view. If the leaked software can be traced back to the leaker, the leak is plugged. Hence the need for the privacy of a download site. Hybrids, I don't know. Also, in both cases, the bandwidth to support the downloads could be expensive for an individual to maintain.
    01-25-10 01:00 PM
  3. thearchitect's Avatar
    Leaks, I definetly agree with JeffH, Hybrids, speaking from experience are loaded on a free site such as 4shared which I use simply because they are free. I don't have the money to own a server, etc so I opened up a free account which gives me 15gigs of online storage that anyone can access from any where. I also load on bbhybrids.net , there are alot of us who post and load our hybrids on the site. That site is built for hybrid users and designers to share and enjoy the awesome world of hybridized operating systems for our blackberrys.
    01-26-10 04:45 AM
  4. willyboy6's Avatar
    While leaks are copyrighted and protected property of RIM, I do not believe hybrids are. I've never seen RIM go after website's for posting "incomplete" OS's or java files from their OS's. I would assume it's because without everything from the java to the CDMA to the .alx it's not a complete piece of work from RIM but only bits and pieces. I'm no patent lawyer but they either don't care as much (if at all) about hybrids or they don't have a right to.
    01-26-10 06:33 AM
  5. ronnienyc's Avatar
    I think a big issue is that there is a lot of bandwidth required with tens of thousands of people downloading throughout the world. It could get costly. Thus the free hosting sites.

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    01-26-10 09:46 AM