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    It's a serious question. Not trying to troll.

    I have a Blackberry 9900 with (see the 9900 thread for the link on how to get the latest and greatest)

    So since there is nothing newer than that from blackberry, and it's I have the blackberry that has the newest BB7 that blackberry made....then if I install a hybrid. What am I getting?

    I \heard "better browser" but what does that mean.

    Can someone tell me real facts not just cool graphics for the logo of the next "hybrid os" I see?
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    06-19-15 03:50 PM
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    You would be getting what the packager hopes to be better files of various releases. Nothing really special, but maybe your only option these days as BB is no doubtedly spending their resources on BB10 and not much if anything on BBOS.
    06-19-15 03:56 PM
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    Sometimes hybrids boast a better battery life as they mix and mingle 'ingredients' of OSs often selecting modules here and there of non-draining aspects of certain OS's... Some hybrids are 'customized' in that they remove the "bloatware" and hand-pick the "best of" from various OS's such as the best radio, etc... or just include what they want and leave out what they don't. Some baked themes into their OS's... Some find it beneficial, others convenient and some just tinkered out of love, trying to optimize their Berrys...

    The downside is when the OS goes wrong. Some people think they can code, but it turns out they do NOT have any idea what they are doing. These FrankenBerry OS's are annoying and have a habit of running smooth at 1st and then BAM just when you need it, BRICKED. (Usually fixable, a soft brick, but still annoying nonetheless.)

    Personally I have always stuck to official software releases... I've used a few hybrids but I typically stick to official releases.... My 9900 has been on T-Mobile's official for years now... It's fine... About a year ago she started acting sluggish, I simply wiped and reload the official OS once more and she has been running like a champ ever since!

    But I suppose if you're feeling adventurous, research a few OS brewmasters, check out user impressions of their art and give one a whirl... If you don't like it try another or simply go back to official... But if you don't have time or patience to experiment then a hybrid probably isn't for you...

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    06-19-15 06:30 PM

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