1. greeneink's Avatar
    I'm trying to install the .191 radio files.

    I'm running .230/50v14, add the .191 cdma file, and it bricks on download each time.
    Do I need to add the .191 folder to 50v11 before upgrading to v14
    Is it possible I downloaded a bad .191 OS?
    is there some small thing I'm not doing?
    It seems like I'm the only one having this issue.
    12-24-09 12:34 AM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    once you get to 7.12+, most people don't see much of a difference between .191 and .230 radio anyway. just stick with .230 radio. i myself may go back to 7.11 w/.191 radio because it was the best for my phone so far.
    12-24-09 02:04 AM
  3. greeneink's Avatar
    I guess I just want to know how to do it. I have a couple areas I drop calls in regularly, I just wanted to know if the .191 files would work better. I just tried to add the cdma folder to .230/50v11 and it bricked again on install. I may be done with the hybrids, I dont see alot of difference between the .230 and the hybrids. I just have this addiction I can't control. I think my wife is planning an intervention!
    12-24-09 02:26 AM