03-20-10 12:38 PM
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  1. pilotboy318's Avatar
    how do i view youtube and live leak videos on my 9700
    01-04-10 02:34 PM
  2. gnahc79's Avatar
    I have lost my internet browser except in WiFi and Media Net. I have read this entire post but have not found an answer. Anyone have any idea what I need to do? Thanks.
    late reply, but might be useful for others (should apply to non-OS5 builds too)
    If it was from an OS upgrade/downgrade to a non-AT&T build, try the one of the following (restore AT&T specific service books):
    BB OS 5.0 Browser Fix for AT&T - PinStack.com

    similar thing on crackberry for TMo

    for AT&T

    btw, how does Media Net operate? Which category? Also, I have my browser set to "Internet Browser" all the time and I have nearly no reception at work (-100db to no signal). I have wifi enabled and am able to load pages with the browser very quickly, so it is definitely using the wifi connection when in "Internet Browser" mode. If I turn off wifi the browser times out when loading pages. I am using the new OS5 411 build, but I also had the same behavior with the AT&T 4.6 231 build.
    From my experience "Internet Browser" will try to use wifi first and if it's not available it will use whatever else is available. Anyone else see this too?
    01-15-10 07:41 AM
  3. modikks's Avatar
    hi i use a 9630 but i don't know how to activate WiFi and i please want to activate enterprise activation but don't have a password
    02-03-10 04:18 AM
  4. Love.My.Bold's Avatar
    Wap,internet,wifi,wimex are network components.
    So tht everybody can use those component.suposs,u r living such a country they have no wifi covarage.
    So tht u can't use wifi.in my country there is no wifi coverage.
    So tht I am using wap or internet service.

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    If you have internet service at your home, you can setup a wireless router.
    I have one the was set up for someone's Laptop but I keep it on and use it
    for wifi service on my bold. The routers aren't very expensive...

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    02-03-10 06:17 AM
  5. F0nage's Avatar
    Has anybody had a good experience using Opera on BlackBerry? I saw the founder on CNBC yesterday and he said Opera has dominant market share on smartphones.
    Yes, and it's free. Why don't you just try and judge for yourself?
    02-04-10 06:44 AM
  6. mandar.deodhar's Avatar
    Opera Mini 5 beta is good. Next good is BOLT.
    02-04-10 07:43 AM
  7. jared407's Avatar
    I have a issue and was sent to this forum , I have a verizon blackberry flashed for metro pcs service but cant go online or send or receive pictures does anyone know how to fix this ?
    02-10-10 01:43 PM
  8. dannybe's Avatar
    i downloaded Opera mini direct into my 9700 but i cannot find it. Can anyone help me out?
    02-18-10 02:03 AM
  9. Shining_epiphany's Avatar
    Look in the download folder.
    02-18-10 03:09 AM
  10. somsy181's Avatar
    Thanks for d info I was actually being charged for surfing wen my data plan is unlimited I nw realised I was using wap browser instead of internet browser

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    02-21-10 02:10 PM
  11. fayskelley's Avatar
    Awesome - thanks ~
    02-21-10 03:54 PM
  12. davejohnson's Avatar
    I'm sure this has been gone over before, but here goes.....I can't find any solution!

    K have been Nokia thru and thru for YEARS. Just changed to Blackberry Storm 2 (nice phone) on O2(UK) Simplicity 20 Tariff with bolt-on unlimited BBerry.

    I have only been on it a week, but it seems I have got charges on my account from internet use classed as "UK browse and download". From what I understand, this has to do with me accessing the MOBILE WEB download facility of my phone.
    My question to you is this. How can I set my phone (Storm 2) to automatically NOT use MOBILE WEB and to divert to another form of access? ie Blackberry.net
    I don't want to incur any more charges!

    On someone else's advice, I deleted the references in the service books pages for O2 MOBILE.....but they returned by themself!

    Thanks for any help.
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    02-25-10 09:36 AM
  13. siere's Avatar
    thanks for the info ive had my bb now 4 a couple weeks 8520 thats me just getting how the wi fi works
    03-20-10 12:10 PM
  14. Branta's Avatar
    My question to you is this. How can I set my phone (Storm 2) to automatically NOT use MOBILE WEB and to divert to another form of access? ie Blackberry.net
    I don't want to incur any more charges!
    In Browser Options, General Properties I think you need to select either "Mobile Hotspot" (WiFi forced) or "Internet Browser" which uses your BB plan and RIM network for cellular access. You do NOT want "O2 Active" which is likely to use the O2 access and is extra cost.

    I suggest youi also check and make sure the APN settings are blank under Options, Advanced, TCP/IP. My Bold works just fine on O2/uk with disabled and empty APN.
    03-20-10 12:38 PM
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