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    Consumer Cellular,I pay a grt price for my plan, which is suppose to have data. Co. says I should be able to obtain my self, that they can not activate because it is not their phone. I am computer challenged for many reasons-I do not have a desk top up and running, my netbook is down, I do not know all the lingo. I am on my roommates laptop which later may cause me problems.If u no what I mean>.... Anyways I can not connect to the internet I have sent service books from my device=nothing, I believe I have to get Blackberry to activate some thing, in order to use my data on cell. Right???? Can anyone help me while I have access to a computer at this moment or relatively soon?????PLEASE pLEASE Please Pretty P L E A S E????Oh OS 7
    10-14-14 05:08 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!

    You need a specific data plan, usually called BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service, also BlackBerry Add-On on some places) to have you 9310 work properly. Some features on that device will only work if such plan is available. Your carrier has to have that service though and you have to get it from them.

    A generic data plan (that works on Android, iOS, WP and BlackBerry 10 phones) will not work with the Curve.

    Also, found this online, didn't read it, but who knows, may help: Trying To Configure Torch 9800 to Consumer Cellula... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    10-14-14 05:13 PM

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