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    •As an aid to comprehension, this section provides a brief overview of the life-cycle of a device upgrade. * Each OTASL capable device will contain one or more OTASL Service Records(SR) each identifying a Device Manager (DM). The DM may be located at RIM, may be part of a BES or, in future, could be associated with a 3rd party application provider. Each SR will identify the applications which are of interest to the corresponding DM. SRs may be delivered by PRV, BES or in an upgrade application loaded OTA. * The device will keep each DM informed of its configuration including hardware ID, vendor ID, the current software version (O/S, platform and core applications) and the current screen language setting. * Any of several authorized device administrators can request upgrade of a device. Administrators would include the BES administrator, RIM administrators, carrier administrators and possibly the end-user. Each administrator will have access to the device configuration. The BES and RIM administrators will have direct access to a DM while the carrier will have proxy access through RIM to its DM to obtain the configuration information. The end-user can simply access the information directly. * Given the configuration, the administrator can contact the Control Web Server (CWS) for a list of possible upgrades in the form of an XML document (upgrades.xml). * Based on corporate policies and goals, the administration module can then edit/filter the XML document and forward the result on to the device. The editing may include the removal of undesired upgrade paths or the addition of corporate policies on upgrade data routing (e.g. roaming) or user interaction (don't prompt). * On receipt of upgrades.xml, the device will execute the instructions in it possibly including querying the user for upgrade paths and options or just immediately initiating the upgrade..
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    Research In Motion
    01-12-10 05:08 PM
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    many of us have been getting the same e-mail now for a couple weeks now including me when I got it last week. Nothing has ever come out and no one knows whats its about
    01-12-10 05:12 PM