1. finkle56's Avatar
    I just got a new to me bold 9900. I did the bb switch and everything worked for my device and away I went. I tried to do that for my wife and everything worked but one huge issues, we can't chat through bbm anymore. It keeps telling me to re-invite the contact and when she tries to message me, we get the big red X. Now I did a wipe the the device she will be using and a fresh install of the os and bbm and still have an issue. We do have two seperate bbid's, rogers rep asked me that a million times, and yes our BIS is active as we both can message other people through bbm just fine. I even tried to get her back on her old 9780 so this could work till I could find a solution but it carried over to it.

    My theory is, my old pin didn't release when i switched over to the 9900 and in theory you can't send a message to yourself on the bbm network. BBM voice would work because the pins are different and it seems don't go through the same authorization as a bbm message goes through.

    If anyone has any help, that would be awesome. For some reason the Wife wants to be able to message me and thus on christmas day, I am in the dog house. So please send me in a direction that can fix this issue.
    12-26-12 12:58 AM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    You can send a message to yourself in BBM (I know a few who keep themselves as a contact, something about chat history or whatnot)

    Delete all of your wife's contact information. Pull your battery. Request her back on BBM (e-mail method) without having any of her information saved on your device.
    12-26-12 12:23 PM
  3. alexbrasil's Avatar

    I have an issue that no one helps me as well. My BBM sends messagems to all my contacts but it doesnt receive when Im with my WiFi off. When I turn it on it works perfectly.

    Blackberry 9900 (v7.1.0.794 Vivo/BIS )
    12-28-12 09:47 AM

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