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    I finally have found a solution to the duplicate entries that you all must have come across with ATT address book. First, go to AT&T Address Book - Safe and Accessible Contacts - Wireless from AT&T and log in. Go to settings --> sync -->remove device --> and click remove device. Then, make sure to remove automatic sync in the settings and change to manual sync. Once you are done with this, go into desktop manager and back up your address book (making sure that ATT address book didnt delete some of your entries too). Then go to Device --> delete data, and manually select all address book items and delete. It will back up anyways incase. Now, resync with desktop manager (through outlook or what ever else you use), and restore all your contacts. Voila! Problem solved. ATT address has been rendered useless for me for the past few days.
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    11-16-10 02:09 PM
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    If you really want to kill this app for good, use BBSAK to delete the nabsync cod files off your device. Also delete them from the java folder to keep the app from getting installed again if you ever re-install the OS. Do these things of course after the above post to ensure all your contacts are in the default address book.

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    11-18-10 09:07 PM
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    Ok I have been working on this for the last few days. I even tried deleting CODs like someone else said in the forums to do so and that didn't work.

    I finally gave up and called ATT!!

    It is a bit of a long process but well worth it!

    1st thing is to call ATT and tell them to take off the ATT Address book!!!

    2nd is to back up both address books. Being that I had backed up my addresses earlier this year in my yahoo address book the majority of my contacts where not in my default address book. So if you "import" your contacts to your Microsoft outlook (which it will only be your default address book) you then can export Microsoft Outlook to whatever account. Which I was able to export my outlook to my yahoo email and and then both of them combined. Ok, so ........

    Use BBSAK and wipe the current operating system. Go to Blackberry Desktop Manager and downgrade if you are using OS6.

    Once installed which with ATT the current OS is

    You then turn on your mobile network.

    Go to Options--> Security Options --> Security Wipe.

    When you go this route this wipes everything like factory new.

    When the phone 1st comes on it "might" ask if you want to use ATT Address book. Which mine did not ask because they removed it on there end.

    Then import your contacts

    And Viola!!!!

    I do not have 2 Address books now!
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    12-01-10 04:51 PM
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    Used both method's. First used the sync method to delete my device then used the COD method to delete the app off my device.
    12-08-10 07:33 PM
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    I also deleted all my contacts from their website.
    Thank you SOOO much for this post!
    02-22-12 12:34 PM
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    I am still using the Blackberry Torch. Worked like a charm. Can't wait to get my hand on the Z30 It is sad that in the US we have to wait for each BlackBerry release.
    11-21-13 01:44 AM