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    If you run BES with your BB and have a group schedule in Outlook calendar, can you view the group schedule from your BB? This question came up today and not having a BB doesn't help me answer this question.

    As a company, we are migrating to using the Outlook Calendar feature with the Exchange Server and sharing our individual calendars within the organization. Doing so allows us to have access to real-time schedules of everyone. By creating group schedules, we can easily access the schedules of associates we need to see all at once. Fortunately, this has allowed us to stop preparing "paper" calendars that are out-of-date before they ever get distributed. Unfortunately, we have some individuals who travel who said they still need to have access to others schedules when they are on the road and want us to continue preparing these paper calendars. HELP please! We are so tired of redundant practices.

    Thanks so much.
    07-22-09 12:39 PM