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    hi guys, if any one of you can help me that would be unbelievable. i have an unlocked verizon 8830 WE, and i am using it in south africa with an MTN sim card. i have purchased the blackberry plan here and the internet is now working. BBM however, is NOT working properly. the problem is that none of my friends with american phone numbers can accept my bbm friend request. they get the request but once they accept it they still stay pending on both phones. also, my roommate has a UK number and bbm works perfectly between me and him! so it seems to be just the US numbers that are an issue. I also can not recieve anyones friend request from the US, but they can recieve mine (they just cant accept it). it seems as if im being blocked from US numbers! Does anyone know whats going on!!?!!!
    01-21-10 01:57 PM