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    I've tried running BB App world through my active WiFI and I'm getting the following error:

    "Data service not operational"
    And I've downloaded Facebook 1.7, tried logging in with my WiFi and it's saying:

    ""Could Not Connect Because A Data Service Is Not Available"
    Google Maps won't work either. : /

    Now, there's nothing wrong with my WiFi, my browser works just fine, but these apps won't. I have been cut off from the mobile network by Vodafone, however before I upgraded to (I was running 4.6) I still got updates for my email and facebook, and could still use other applications through WiFi. But this seems not to be the case anymore.

    Is there a fix?

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    12-29-09 12:42 AM
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    Yeah, I'm just gonna downgrade to

    12-29-09 01:12 AM