03-30-12 10:30 AM
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  1. Hoser271's Avatar
    Samething just happened to me, I'm pissed
    Maybe my message below re "read only" attribute of the yourpin.alx file is the problem, and can be easily corrected. It worked for me.
    11-25-08 11:46 PM
  2. jeffreycolds's Avatar
    wow!wow!wow! what a perfect guide! I'm in the game now!
    11-26-08 01:05 PM
  3. hivewax's Avatar
    why do you say to uncheck device data and options? i believe these have to be saved as well. TIA
    11-26-08 07:09 PM
  4. ucsdgirl04's Avatar
    can i just back up 3rd party themes and delete them off my device and restore at a later date? your instructions say use JL Cmder to wipe device.. i'm not looking to wipe the device.. only move themes off my berry to put onto the computer to restore at a later time.
    11-28-08 09:15 AM
  5. leathernuts#WP's Avatar
    Im getting "error" msg everytime I try to do a back up. Anyone know why? THanks
    11-30-08 01:48 AM
  6. tomvb2000's Avatar
    Best I can tell, it seems to be a bug with the combination of DM 4.6 and the 4.5 device OS beta releases. Not positive about that but haven't had the problem yet with DM 4.7. There is a workaround for DM 4.6 and other discussion in the thread at http://forums.crackberry.com/f83/err...desktop-76795/

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    11-30-08 10:43 AM
  7. vlkers54's Avatar
    I'm stuck on #4..."select switch device wizard"?

    Where is that on the Desktop Manager? I can't find that to be an option. I opened DM, plugged in my device...can someone help?
    11-30-08 01:53 PM
  8. calbearsguy's Avatar
    i am running 4.7 dm and i seem to be having a problem.
    i start the device switch wizzard, click next and it goes through a "task in progress" window and does something.
    then another little window comes up that asks me for the new device.
    well naturally im just trying to save these and i dont have another device.
    it wont let me go on without answering this question.
    any ideas anyone?
    11-30-08 04:05 PM
  9. DJH's Avatar
    I'm sorry if this was covered, but a real quick question. When I run the app loader and select the .alx file, it searches the device for software to add and all this stuff is check marked. I have to do an add with all this stuff to correct, because unchecking it will remove it from my device right/
    11-30-08 05:25 PM
  10. Cowchip's Avatar
    I just went through the steps on page one of this thread and lost almost all my 3rd party apps. The only ones that were retained were two themes. Lost the rest of the themes I had downloaded and all the apps such as Weatherbug, WSJ, a blackjack game, NFL app, etc. I've upgraded OS's before and never had an issue.
    12-01-08 09:13 PM
  11. Cowchip's Avatar
    I found a previous *.alx file from September that I had saved and loaded that on top of the *.alx file that I just tried to load and got the majority of the 3rd party apps back.

    What I don't understand is that when I look in the folder I just created a few minutes ago with the newest alx file all the correct apps are listed, yet only a few were loaded onto my 8330. ??????

    I wonder if it has something to do with going to

    Here's what I've done:

    I went to .77 in September, hence the reason for the Sept .alx file

    Moved up to .97 just recently.

    Saturday I decided to wipe my 8330 and reloaded .77 and everything came in fine with the Sept .alx file.

    Now tonight I change my mind and decide to go back to .97 so I do the back up procedure for 3rd party apps which created a new .alx folder (I renamed the previous .alx folder for safekeeping).

    Wiped the 8330, installed .97 on my PC, and then loaded .97 on the device.

    So far so good.

    Did a restore of the apps using the alx file I created tonight prior to wiping.

    Loss of 3rd party apps.

    Not good.

    Loaded Sept .alx file and restored most of my apps (lost the ones between then and now since the last .alx back up, even though they are listed in the alx folder).

    So is .77 not creating the correct .alx file to use going forward?
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    12-01-08 09:26 PM
  12. rbdynamics's Avatar
    I'm stuck at the screen where it says, enter password, I can't select anything from the drop-down and "ok" is in gray, "cancel" is the only thing I can click on. Using DM 4.7...any help would be appreciated.
    12-02-08 02:33 AM
  13. Cowchip's Avatar
    Don't do anything until you find the folder you just created (it will be named with your PIN #) when the backup was performed and save it to a different location on your PC. Then go back and hit 'cancel' on the screen you're stuck on.

    To find the folder on your PC use the search function and enter your PIN for the file name to find. Make sure you go to advanced options within the search tool and verify that the option to search in hidden and protected files is checked.
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    12-02-08 07:27 AM
  14. sarfrazfamily's Avatar
    i will need to re-visit this when i get my storm!
    12-02-08 02:12 PM
  15. CNBrown1019's Avatar
    I'll need this thread when I upgrade again. The last time and had to pay for a certain 3 party s/w in order to get it back... Lesson learned!!
    12-02-08 03:21 PM
  16. keyser.soze's Avatar
    Thanks for this. I upgraded a few days ago, but forgot to say thanks for the info.

    So ... thanks for the info.
    12-02-08 11:11 PM
  17. ItsBets's Avatar
    Thank you, Crucial

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    12-04-08 05:34 PM
  18. bisco123002's Avatar
    Any way to do this on a mac before I update?

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    12-05-08 09:17 PM
  19. ojosasi's Avatar
    can this softwar eupdate work with sprint 8330
    12-07-08 10:29 PM
  20. Rlyman1's Avatar
    can you use this to back up the new garmin software for the storm if so i would be less hesitant to buy it in the case that i have to send it back for a replacement
    12-11-08 08:30 PM
  21. Firewater's Avatar
    You should use actual names of the actual folders, not broad generalizations.
    12-12-08 01:33 PM
  22. seanagins's Avatar
    so i am having some problems.........................please help

    here is a screen shot

    what did i do wrong? i cant get it to highlight next so i can click it!!
    12-13-08 11:38 PM
  23. yahforseth's Avatar
    I found a file that was named after my pin, however...

    Should it have a .settings at the end, and should I be able to open the file? I attempted to, and Windows told me I could not open the file but I could manually select a list from programs on the computer.

    12-14-08 07:47 AM
  24. rlervin's Avatar
    Ok, so you need to back-up your 3rd Party Apps: a) because you want to or B) because you are about to wipe your device. Well, heres a How-To to get the job done. Here we go:

    1)Download & install the newest Desktop Manager Version HERE

    2) Connect BB

    3) Open DM

    4) Select Switch Device Wizard

    5) Select Switch BB Devices

    6) Select Next

    7) Select USB & then your PIN #

    8) Select Next. Enter your Password if required

    9) Uncheck User Data & Settings and also Include Messages so that only 3rd Party Apps is selected

    10) Select Next

    11) When it's done backing up leave the screen as is.
    DO NOT select Next or Cancel

    12) Search your computer Folders & Files for a folder with your PIN # as the name. DEFINITELY check System Files & Hidden Files as well

    13) After you find it, copy it & SAVE it to a easy accessible place

    14) Go back to the Switch Device Wizard page that we left alone & cancel it. ALSO, check and make sure the folder IS saved before Canceling or the folder will be LOST

    15) You can now wipe the device with JL_Cmder


    1) After you've loaded the OS go back & run the Apploader & Select ADD

    2) "Browse" to find the folder we saved with your PIN # and Double click on the file named yourpin.alx.

    3) Your 3rd Party Apps should appear in the Apploader screen

    4) Select Finish to load Apps to device

    5) Now you may restore other data from a previous backup.

    Some of the time 3rd Party Apps can be the cause for your problems and might be the reason behind you needing to wipe your device. If you are having problems, this MAY not be the wisest thing for you to do. However, if that's not the case, this tutorial is for you.

    ** EDIT** It has come to my attention that with Desktop Manager 4.5, it seems that some Applications MAY not back up. I myself, have not had this problem but close friends have and it is worth mentioning. It seems that the apps that get left behind on DM 4.5 are not getting left behind on DM 4.2. You may use which ever DM that suites your fancy.

    This Tutorial was made by Crucial_Xtreme. Please do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere without my permission. You may however, post links. Thank you very much and I hope this helps atleast one person.

    Does this work with the Storm? I did this with my Curve and I could see the 3rd party apps in the folder. When I do the Storm none of the 3rd party apps show in the folder.
    12-14-08 09:36 AM
  25. seanagins's Avatar
    so anyone? how can one recover 3rd party apps??
    12-14-08 12:42 PM
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