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    I use BB9860 OS7.1 and PlayBook OS2.0.1. Data without BIS/BES as my company doesn't offer it for my data plan. Since I upgraded from BB9780 to BB9860, everything getting worse. Now I have two main problems:

    1) Phone's data management is very unstable, if I had wifi and phone data both turned on, 3rd party apps and phone itself as well have a lot of problems to connect to the internet and I had to restart phone 5x a day to get it work properly. If I turned wifi off and phone is working only with EDGE/3G data, everything worked about 9 days without restart needed.

    2) very unstable bridged data connection. Files transfer, contacts, tasks.. those things work very good, but data connection is terrible. For example native PB's Facebook client failed to connect almost everytime and browser shows message "Your BlackBerry smartphone is unable to establish a connection to the destination server" in about 60% of using it. With BB9780 I used BT tethering for PlayBook - this connection was stable and without problems, but with BB9860 BT tethering fails to connect in 2 of 3 attempts.

    And my question is: do those problems depend to BIS/BES absence and I simply cannot use BlackBerry without it or is there way how to solve it? 3rd party apps on phone with direct TCP/IP work ok, for email I am using Logicmail, so I have no problem without BIS. But other things are terrible and my patience is over now.

    After 12 days no answers, no solution. BB is sold, more stable Android is on the way. Good bye BB, maybe in the time of BB10 we will meet again...
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