1. gabeevans6364's Avatar
    how do i uninstall the leaked OS version from my computer?
    12-05-08 08:52 PM
  2. t l b's Avatar
    It should be in Add/Remove programs I think. (it's on my laptop so I can't confirm)

    If you go to DM it gives you the choice of what you want to upgrade to. So just choose your path:
    - Downgrade to .65, then to Official .75
    - Leaked .75 -> .75 (3 files basically)

    and update

    No real need to uninstall
    12-05-08 09:09 PM
  3. DreamSTi's Avatar
    Im having the same issue and cant seem to find the answer.

    I have the .76 but want to go back to the "official" .75 from Verizon. I did a whipe, and tried to install the .75 and DM is telling me my device doesnt need an update but my phone says im still running .76.

    I dont have anything in my add/remove on my pc that says .76, all I have is:

    Blackberry Desktop Software 4.7
    Blackberry Device Software Updater
    Blackberry Desktop Software 4.7.0 for the BlackBerry 9530 smartphone

    Anybody help?
    12-07-08 06:12 PM
  4. DreamSTi's Avatar
    12-07-08 06:55 PM