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    Firstly, a great way waking up on a Sunday morning finding out BlackBerry 6 was leaked for the Bold 9650. Have been waiting for this for some time, but I can simply not get it to load on my Bold 9650.

    I have the most current BlackBerry Desktop Software installed, downloaded the BlackBerry 6 leak for my Bold 9650 and proceeded as usual: remove Vendor.xml and launch the Loader. However the loader does not give me the option to load BlackBerry 6. Instead it insists on loading another build of firmware 5.0. I tried updating through BlackBerry Desktop Software, which notified I have an update available, but to version (I have loaded). Well, I chose the option to update my device and selected "view other versions". Here I can see the top most option being However, it was followed by an asterisk with some text on the bottom saying the update is available only to active BlackBerry subscribers.

    I insisted on updating anyway, but was then quickly prompted with an error stating: "This BlackBerry® Device Software upgrade includes new features and significant enhancements to the BlackBerry® solution and, as such, is only available to users with an active BlackBerry subscription. To learn more about BlackBerry® service, please visit BlackBerry - Data Plan - Upgrade Your BlackBerry Data Plan."

    I don't have a BlackBerry subscription (BIS/BES). Do I not have any other option updating to BlackBerry 6? This truly was a let down, I never had this happen before, not even when I upgraded my previous Curve 8900 from firmware 4.6 to 5.0.

    edit: I found a suggestion online saying I should do a battery pull, immediately attach the USB cable and launch Loader. As soon as the USB connection was recognized, I pressed Next, even though it found the PIN (the information I found online insisted the connection should read USB-PIN: UNKNOWN). This type of stealth loading of firmware seems to be working; I was given the option to update to BlackBerry 6. Fingers crossed as it is loading currently, will keep you updated! Hope this helps others with the same issue.
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    09-19-10 04:49 AM
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    I'm up and running. BlackBerry 6 feels very quick on the Bold 9650. If you have issues updating the firmware, try the stealth loading trick above. It worked!
    09-19-10 05:15 AM
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    Working for me right now! THANKS Finally out of the darkness of 5 and into the light of 6! haha
    09-24-12 11:24 AM