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    My daughter has been plagued recently with her BB 9000 going into SOS mode and not connecting to the ATT network.

    After hours on the phone and a trip to get a new sims card today, the problem still existed. SO tonight I read a post that someone was advising to check the sims card housing for correct pressure on the sims card.

    I took her battery cover off and immediately noticed that there was a corner mid plate screw missing. I then noticed that the opposite side screw was almost completely out. (Screw with white tamper filler was intact.)

    Upon further inspection I noticed that all of the remaining screws were loose.

    After tightening, the phone locked into 3G and has remained there!

    So I checked my sons phone and his also had some loose screws, so I tightened and his reception also increased.

    So all I can assume is that the mid plate was loose and not making connection and by tightening, the antenna somehow made a complete connection.

    So I would suggest that if you are having a reception issue not related to a service outage or poor reception, check your backplate screws and tighten them if loose!

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    07-02-11 11:49 PM
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    Thanks for the tip!

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    07-02-11 11:53 PM
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    You welcome and all is still working great this morning.

    07-03-11 08:13 AM
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    Interesting observation and a very nice tip. Are the devices still working properly after tightening the screws? Although i've never tested it, but this sure sounds interesting.
    07-04-11 07:51 AM
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    Yes not an issue at all, my daughters phone has not left the 3g ciruit at all. At another location where we frequent low signal and dropped call, my sons new house, we no longer: miss calls, bounce around from GSM to 3g but rather have a good constant 3G service.

    I cannot believe it either but the difference is day and night!

    And we have not had to turn on our ATT micro Cell either at home!
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    07-04-11 08:16 AM
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    I take it that this isn't so difficult to do and a nice tip. I guess the process at the factory wasn't quite working right on some to get them tight.
    07-04-11 08:25 AM
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    There are 6 screws, remove the battery cover. One screw has a white filler that indicates you have done something if you remove it. Simply check and tighten as needed the remaining 5 screws.

    Takes a special size but we are amazed at how much better our phones are working.
    07-04-11 08:28 AM
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    what does it mean with vendor code -1? im using bold 9700.. i don't know which 1 my carrier since the code appear -1.. thank you for ur reply..
    07-05-11 12:16 PM
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    A really good Tip! It goes to prove "Murphy" lives everywhere lol..
    Reminds be of the issue on old dek tops where the Chips would 'Creep' , just loosen over time..
    A good "Check off" Item when problem solving!

    07-10-12 03:25 AM
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    A really good Tip!
    10-04-12 11:49 AM