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    Just got my wife her nice new Z10 so I can ditch the Curve 8520 that I've been limping along with and move up to her Curve 9300. I did a security wipe on her phone then used the desktop software to do a device switch and get all of my information and data onto her phone. I've associated my BBID with the new phone but when I use my telco's web based management tools to try and do a device switch it won't recognize the new pin. I can't use their suite to push the service books either to re-establish e-mail delivery. Similar situation with BB Protect, I log in there and it at least recognizes the correct model and pin but claims the device is not responding and to try again when it's connected to the wireless network.

    Has anyone else run into this problem before? Do I need to do a security wipe on the 8520 to get it to release my BBID and let me finalize everything on the 9300?

    EDIT:: issue was resolved.. I hadn't done a security wipe of my old device yet so according to the BIS, my BBID was still associated with another device (must have been a hiccough in the switchover process. quick call to tech support resolved it.
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    08-30-13 09:36 AM
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    Glad you got it sorted out! Enjoy the 9300!
    08-30-13 09:47 PM

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