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    I'm trying to customize Bold 9720 settings for keyboard-only use. Compared to Curve 9320 Bold 9720 feels like it has some unstable OS installed. The screen keeps scrolling up and down and some menus keep popping up for no apparent reason. I don't like touch screens and have no intention of using any touch functions. Removing the digitizer would be a foolproof solution, but before taking that route I'd like to try to reduce the touch screen sensitivity to as close to zero as possible.

    1) The first step seems to be to change the defaults here:

    Options - Typing and Language - Touch Screen Sensitivity



    2) Then, when on a phone call, you need to remember to always press the Lock button (which locks the screen and the keyboard). With OS 7.1 the press-and-hold of "A" key seems to have exactly the same effect. I'm not sure how effective this is because when you touch some keys the screen comes back to life, although it remains dimmed, so it's probably not fully functional.

    3) Any other tips and tricks out there? Thanks in advance.

    Device: BB 9720
    OS: (Bundle 3008)
    05-26-19 04:41 AM

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