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    I have a BB Bold 9700, running OS v5.0.0.593. This is an old work one and has been sat in the back of a drawer for a few years as the trackpad no longer works. The BB was replaced as the company IT no longer support it, and it never got returned.
    Anyway I dug it out as a replacement for my Curve 8320 as that got very wet while out running one day - still not dried out a month later. So I have run a security wipe and I need to get BBM working again. This means I need to accept the user agreement.
    I can scroll through the blurb but I can't toggle between the I Accept and I don't accept, this means the only option I can choose is the I don't accept - which is a bit rubbish.
    Is there a key shortcut which allows me to toggle the options? I can live without the trackpad, my wife won't let me live without bbm.
    Any suggestions
    Thank you
    I have posted this on the BB9700 forum
    06-25-13 08:22 AM
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    Hi Bean10,

    First off, allow me to welcome you to the crackberry forums!

    In regards to your query, I'm afraid I don't know a keyboard shortcut to toggle menu options. I'm not 100% sure their isn't one, but I certainly don't remember one. Hopefully someone else will chime in if I'm incorrect. That said, even if you could find a way to select that one option.. trying to use the device without a functioning trackpad will be next to impossible, if not impossible going forward.. One option you have if a new device isn't in the cards right now would be to replace the trackpad, They can be had on ebay for 5 dollars or so, and they aren't that difficult to replace, if you're at all handy with a t5 screw driver.
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    06-25-13 08:51 AM
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    Toggling menu options-img_00000337.jpg v
    [ATTACH]184414[/ATTA ,fgg. Gz ftbCH]
    Toggling menu options-img_00000342.jpgfy tt#-5

    Posted via CB10
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    07-20-13 09:14 AM

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