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    I noticed that some ppl are still having problem or some ppl dont remember what's setting their the browser configuration. So I decided to post a thread for those of u who are having alot of problems with setting browser configuration.

    Here is TIP:

    To get the best viewing experience on your BlackBerry, make sure you have CSS/Style Sheets, HTML, Javascript, screen, and Tables enabled on your device.

    You need go directly Select browser from homescreen, then following the instruction settings of below:

    To check:
    1. Press the BlackBerry button (seven black dots)
    2. Select "Options" from the menu.
    3. Select "General Properties"
    4. Change Default Browser to "Internet Browser"
    5. Press the BlackBerry button (seven black dots)
    6. Select "Save Options"
    7. Select "Browser Configuration"
    8. Highlight the check boxes next to
    Support HTML tables
    Support Javascript
    Use Background and Foreground colors
    Use Background Images
    Support CSS/Style Sheets
    Style Sheets media type = screen
    Show images = WML & HTML Pages
    Emulation Mode = BlackBerry
    Content Mode = WML & HTML
    9. Press the BlackBerry button (seven black dots)
    10. Select "Save Options"
    11. Select the back button and reload your website.
    Hope this is helpful for someone..
    05-24-08 11:27 AM
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    i have a blackberry which i cant set the browser. but by this, i gat it.
    for more problem, i will surely be here.
    01-20-14 12:02 PM
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    This is for BBOS, the image broke I think

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    01-20-14 12:09 PM