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    I've only been using the BL hybrids for a few weeks now and I have to say that it baffles me that RIM can't get an OS to work without issues right from the beginning.

    I for one am glad someone pointed me to the BL thread and appreciate all you guys do to make my BlackBerry experience better.

    Keep up the good work and I think it's time for me to hit the donate button again.
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    09-28-12 03:14 PM
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    That BL team is INSANE! Always test it to iron out any issues before reaching the end user, and even if then we encounter hiccups, they ALWAYS help you out, if not the BL crew it's one of 'us' in the thread(s). That is why this community kicks as$.

    As Ed stated, and I will again, you folks [at BL] honestly made my BlackBerry experience a sh!t load better with your brews, hands down!
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    09-28-12 06:18 PM
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    Thanks! Our fans keeps us ticking along ...
    09-28-12 09:18 PM
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    You guys are also EXTREMELY helpful as well....Zocs get back to the kitchen! LOL I joke, take your time you guys always bring out a solid product, time and time again.
    09-28-12 09:31 PM
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    Thank you!

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    09-28-12 09:32 PM