1. JahMush's Avatar
    8530 on Verizon cuts the very last part of the very last letter on a line of SMS or PIN text. This is when composing an SMS or PIN, the view setting is stripes if that makes a difference, bubbles sound terrible to me.

    How can I fix this last bit of the last letter on a line from being cut-off. The word wrap feature works but its like the margin is a millimeter off the screen. This is not the case for pin mgs sent within BBM and email.

    Help is totally appreciated. I've found so many cool tips and tricks from this group, so thanks.

    One more thing,
    02-01-10 08:27 AM
  2. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    This is normal, nothing you can do to fix it (to the best of my knowledge) I noticed it when reading an email from facebook one day.
    02-01-10 08:32 AM
  3. JahMush's Avatar
    no quick fix? there must be something i can do, this is crazy talk.
    02-01-10 08:47 AM
  4. mglax13's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. This seems like a stupid issue forthem to have overlooked. I actually lose more than just a bit of the last letter, sometimes I lost a whole letter or 2.

    Anyone have any input?

    Edit: I just changed it to strips and that helped alot, I had it in bubbles before and that was blocking out alot, so much so that some messages didn't make sense, however now, I'm just loosing that tiny sliver of letter like mentioned above, I guess I can live with that.
    03-23-10 10:26 PM