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    Hello everyone

    (Sorry - the thread title should read "text issue", not "test issue" - don't think that can be changed)

    I couldn't find any mention of this in other threads. I hope someone has an idea.

    I am a member of a couple BBM groups and I am quite active in them. On occasion, when I am typing in the text box, the text (and the cursor) will disappear and I can't see what I am typing. I can still enter text and it will appear in the group, but it may (or may not) come out looking garbled b/c I made typing errors. The only way for me to clear this issue is through a hard reset (removing battery and restarting). Most recently, this happened three times in 24 hours.

    I recently upgraded from the 8320 to the 8520 (coincidentally, on the same day as the most recent outage) and, at the same time, downloaded the most up-to-date version of BBM, so I'm not sure if it has to do with the new phone (prob not) or with the new BBM app. This never happened on my old device or on the previous version of BBM.

    Any thoughts?

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    I have the same exact issue on my 8330. I find this happens when you start typing and as you're going to a second and further line of text and the input box is expanding. It certainly gets annoying when you're quickly trying to type a message. If you slow down and wait for the input area to expand for the 2nd line you do not have the issue. I am yet to be able to figure out a true solution. I would guess that this is a BBM issue and I hope the developers are aware because it gets annoying after awhile.
    01-01-10 09:13 PM