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    so i cant for the new t-mobile Blackberry Curve 3G which will be equipped with OS 6. I bought me a Blackberry Torch 9800 but cant seem to use many things because of missing service books like the browser im only able to use Wi-Fi or the pre installed Facebook times out and wont let me log in all because i dont have the service book. i called T-mobile and they said because they dont have n e devices that supports OS6 the service books wont work because they are older versions is that true?? so then i read about the new Curve 3G coming out soon with OS6 and got happy.

    do you guys agree with the whole service books?

    or is there a way i cant get them now?

    please feel to respond, i dont mean to bug no one this is actually my first thread ever started
    08-15-10 09:29 PM
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    The stuff abt service books is accurate...you can obtain them by asking someone to offload theirs, so that you may load it onto your device but, that's quite a PITA.

    As for the BlackBerry Curve 3G..you'll still be waiting. The device will release with OS 5 and then BlackBerry 6 will be rolled out later. In the past, T-Mobile has been good abt putting unsupported devices (ie: devices from other carriers) service books in their system but, recently they have been lagging in doing so. Hopefully, they'll load the BlackBerry 6 service books before they even release the OS.
    08-15-10 09:50 PM
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    How would they Send the service books to me?? N e one out there wa t to send me browser service nook?? And maybe favebook. But how would thay be done, through Email? Pls n e help. PM me.

    I hope it. Works with n e service book and i won't have to wait for OS6 specifically.

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    08-15-10 10:44 PM