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    First, my apologies for potentially reposting a question - couldn't find this particular question in search. Newbie here - Blackberry Bold 9650 - 6.0.

    Ok bottom line is I can't sync my Outlook contacts with my BB. I have several email accounts - the Google email seems to work fine and sync'd contacts, but my work email doesn't. The work email is a custom email (ie not Yahoo, Google, etc) and not an Enterprise acct; I have my work email run through Outlook. When I try to go to "Email Accounts", pick the work email acct to edit it and then go to "Synchronization Options", the box for "Contacts" isn't an option.

    Secondly, if I go to "Contacts" > "Options", under "Contact Lists" only the Google account shows up, not the work email.

    Finally when I try to sync through the Desktop Manager, it states that it is doing it wireless, but I can't turn that off for the work email due to the fact that I don't have that option (see above).

    Everything else seems to sync with all accounts - emails, calendar, but not contacts. FYI - it is a small business, so no IT help....I am the IT department.

    It seems like a simple fix: somehow get the work email to list under "Contact Lists", but it's driving me mad. Any suggestions are much appreciated; once again, if this is a repost, sorry. Thanks in advance.
    03-21-12 11:07 AM
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    This may be a multi-step process. Have you tried to import your contacts into either Outlook or Gmail and letting the wireless sync then work on the BB? Can you export the contacts from your work email? That would allow them to be imported into Gmail/Outlook. Have you tried Google Sync on your desktop PC to sync your contacts from Outlook (aka your work email) to Google and then only sync your Google contacts with your BB? Just some ideas.
    03-21-12 11:48 AM
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    Update - trying to do this step by step. So far I linked Google calendar (gmail) to outlook - so now Google matches/syncs to my outlook. But my BB is not linking to Google.

    I understand Google Sync is not available for the BB anymore. Any thoughts on how to link at least the calendar without downloading Google Sync? I'm a newbie here, trying my best to stick with the BB.

    Once I solve that problem then it's onto contacts, unless the solution solves both issues.
    06-06-12 11:52 AM
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    Use Google Sync on your desktop computer to sync Outlook to GMail. Should be able to sync both calendar and contacts to your Google account. This should put the calendar and contact items into your Google contacts and calendar. Then when you sync Google to your BB both contacts and calendar should be up to date. Search Google for Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook«.
    06-06-12 12:12 PM
  5. cheapo38's Avatar
    Google Apps Sync for Outlook is not available for free gmail accounts - maybe that means I need to sign in for a business acct???

    Right now my gmail calendar and outlook calendar sync up fine. But for some reason the BB is not syncing to gmail - the odd thing is, the contacts from gmail to BB work (ie they sync up no problem), but calendar does not. I don't get it - how does the BB talk to gmail on the contacts but not the calendar?

    The contacts issue I have is gmail not syncing to outlook.

    In summary:
    Contacts: BB--> gmail ......OK
    gmail -->outlook ......NO

    Calendar: outlook-->gmail......OK

    Ahhhh! Thanks again.
    06-06-12 12:33 PM
  6. SoccerRef12's Avatar
    As a last resort, try deleting your Gmail account & then add it again. You might be able to reset you sync options then.
    06-06-12 01:05 PM