04-24-12 03:34 PM
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  1. pcasamento's Avatar
    THANK YOU!!!!! I removed the "Cical" from Service Book and default calendar address. It worked and my calendar is back!
    09-08-09 09:11 PM
  2. ScottTyler's Avatar
    Hours and hours -- including a lot of other threads here -- and mounting frustration. Amazing and wonderful to finally find the answer -- delete cical!
    11-27-09 11:25 PM
  3. journey00's Avatar
    WOW!! It really really really did work!!!!! I have a BB Curve 8530 & gave it a shot anyway & it really worked really really easy! I had like 4 "CICAL" total that I needed to delete. I opened each one & read closely to make sure I did not miss any. Thanks!!!
    11-30-09 01:18 PM
  4. tykm's Avatar
    wow.. this did the trick. thanks!
    although im a lil surprised because i was using different emails to sync my calendar for the past 4 months, and only the past 2 weeks has this problem been around. it makes no sense. it just came all of a sudden.
    12-30-09 10:18 AM
  5. chachos's Avatar
    Hi! I deleted the "cical" files off of the device, but it still won't synch the calendar...any other ideas? It did synch the calendar earlier, it just won't do it anymore. Sigh.
    01-04-10 12:01 AM
  6. jewelly's Avatar
    I've done too many "fix's" now.
    1.I deleted all the cical things.
    2.I went into device mgr and cleared calendar which I hated doing because i had device entries not in outlook
    3.I also went into options default services and saw calendar and it said "facebook" i didnt see a way to change it so I deleted it.

    still wont sync calendar but does sync address book
    01-04-10 11:48 AM
  7. diamond360's Avatar
    Sigh....it's not working for me, either! Deleting the CICAL addresses HAS worked in the past to fix my sync issues.

    I realized this weekend that my calendar wasn't synching. So today I checked for the CICAL addresses (only 1 was there, my main email account), deleted that, yet I STILL can't get my Outlook Calendar to sync. Did a battery pull, resent service books (then deleted CICAL AGAIN). Nothing. Any ideas?
    01-04-10 02:58 PM
  8. broadwayblues's Avatar
    wow.. this did the trick. thanks!
    although im a lil surprised because i was using different emails to sync my calendar for the past 4 months, and only the past 2 weeks has this problem been around. it makes no sense. it just came all of a sudden.
    I was wondering the same thing.

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    01-06-10 07:22 AM
  9. Nithi's Avatar
    Sadly, it's still not working with my BB 8900. I already deleted the e-mail address with CICAL, but still not be able sync with my calendar from outlook. Can anyone help me out please????? It's really annoying and frustating....seems like I do need a magician here...
    01-08-10 07:05 AM
  10. Wooters1250's Avatar
    Great info. Wasted a lot of time searching info on how to resync my calendar. This REALLY works
    01-09-10 03:43 AM
  11. fjfisher601#AC's Avatar
    It workded for me and fixed synching Contacts too-
    01-09-10 03:44 PM
  12. saglim's Avatar
    Hi! Just registered in this forum.

    Have a BB 9000 and was having trouble syncing from Outlook 2002 to BB Desktop 5 until I found this discussion. It worked! Was able to sync (somehow) as compared to, before deleting the CICAL.

    Still, I find the sync process between the BB device and Outlook to be unstable. Not everything is synced properly when modified. For example if you sync with the BB desktop this time, it will show you a lot of transactions to ADD and DELETE (why???). Without accepting these changes, try to Resync again and it will show you another set of things it would do! Why is this so??

    Also, on Outlook, I have set events that recur over the years but when you sync them, some wont sync to the device (ex. chinese new year; using Outlook's lunar calendar to set the recurrence)???? Does BB sync up to the end of the current year only? Any comments appreciated.

    Since day 1 when I switched to BB from a Palm platform, I find the calendar function of BB to be quite inadequate. If I dont find a solution to this syncing problem, then I guess what the other posts are saying are true; quite a disappointment! Is it that difficult to sync two databases properly? This should be the lifeblood of smartphones!
    01-11-10 07:13 AM
  13. jewelly's Avatar
    I finally fixed mine by deleting facebook and reinstalling. BUT I have to keep my cical's in there. When I deleted them it didnt work and I had to send the service books.
    01-11-10 08:58 AM
  14. Awakenow's Avatar
    I use aol on my BB storm and it seems my email address has a CICAL after it....I wonder what will happen if I delete that? Mine will sync with the calendar, but the device has erased all past and now many future event. This is with a NEW outlook and a NEW desktop manager and a completely updated Storm??? HELP! I have been on the phone with Verizon for hours!
    01-11-10 11:21 AM
  15. jbetts's Avatar
    Awesome.....you guys and gals are the best....
    01-13-10 02:50 PM
  16. tex02's Avatar
    saved me hours of figuring this out, which I wouldn't have. I thought I was pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but you guys are awesome.

    Thanks for all your help,
    01-17-10 07:05 PM
  17. lilme08's Avatar
    this is what i want to do, sync to outlook, then sync back to bb but not the default calendar. will i be able to select the calendar i want to sync to? all of my entries are on the device calendar but when i am using a today theme (or hidden today theme) it only shows entries from the email address for the bb. just trying not to re-enter all of those entries.
    01-19-10 08:34 AM
  18. williamsgang's Avatar
    I have done the "remove CICAL" thing. The synch worked the first time. Then i tried to do it later and the usual happened. BB DEsktop started the synch and got a about record 183 in my calendar and then errored out. It seems to stop at about this record every time and then errors out. I can not find the entry record. Any ideas as to how to fix this. Thanks
    01-20-10 08:58 PM
  19. flyboyj3's Avatar
    I tried the Cical removal and it did not work. All other outlook features sync, but calendar doesnt even try. Tried deleting the intelisync folders on the pc, tried reseting the configuration, etc,...and the sync doesnt even attemp or show up in the log as failed or ignored.

    Storm 9530 v5.0
    Desktop manager v5.0
    outlook 2007

    any suggestions or redirect? i am at a loss and willing to switch to droid...this is the third time in a couple of months that it happened, and none of the previous fixes are working.
    01-20-10 09:29 PM
  20. diamond360's Avatar
    I've still been unable to fix the Outlook Calendar issue. (Tried unstalling FB, deleting CICAL addresses, reboot, took out SIM card, resent service books, checked default services, registered routing table, etc, etc). I've tried it all, but calendar still can't sync properly btwn Outlook and Device.

    SO, this (temporary) solution worked for me, might work for some of you, too: I changed the sync format for the Calendar to be One-Way from Outlook to Device. Everything went into my device after synching this way. I won't be able to add calendar items on my device and have them sync into Outlook, but I don't do that often anyway. If I need to add a date to my calendar I'll just have to send myself an email and then add to Outlook when I'm at the office.
    01-29-10 03:02 PM
  21. shawt's Avatar
    I thought deleting CICAL addresses had fixed it. But now it is not synching correctly again to outlook calendar. It leaves many things out. I deleted the Facebook CICAL address again. I also changed the configuration to just from device to outlook, because I put most things in device initially but want to save them on outlook. I do not know how to uninstall facebook although I would be happy to do so. Any ideas?
    01-31-10 04:56 PM
  22. sesinger's Avatar
    I had a problem where a specific calendar item would not sync. It had an invalid character and when I removed it the item started to sync. See KB article:

    http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/micro...&stateId=wrong Id
    02-01-10 10:27 AM
  23. shawt's Avatar
    I have uninstalled Facebook, gotten rid of all CICAL addresses, removed and replaced battery, took out sim card. It simply does not move calendar changes from device to desktop. everything else seems to work (contacts and notes, principally).
    BB 8820, Desktop manager
    02-02-10 07:43 PM
  24. Ahkee's Avatar
    This worked great and now I'm no longer frustrated and my wife appreciates that for sure.
    02-14-10 10:51 AM
  25. MJMJMJ's Avatar
    This works! I would have never figured this out if not for your note. Thank you!!
    03-01-10 11:29 AM
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