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    Hello, everyone - I'm sorry, but my search turned up nothing, so I'm posting this question here. Mods, feel free to move it.

    Here is my set-up:

    Blackberry Tour
    Outlook 2007
    BES (not sure the version)

    Because I'm on BES, wireless sync has been a feature I've enjoyed for years. My lovely and talented (the wife) now has an iPhone thanks to her generous husband, and has finally relented to a shared family calendar.

    I do NOT want to use Google Sync, as a) I do not want my business appointments to end up in the Googlesphere, b) she doesn't want to see them anyway, and c) I don't want Google to decide how long I keep appointments on my calendars. But I want family appointments to push to my BB.

    So, I've set up a google calendar as a "family calendar". I've added it as an Internet calendar in Outlook 2007 - it works fine, reads it no problem. I can't write to it, but I'm ok with that as I can log in to add things if I need to.

    My issue is that this calendar doesn't push to my BB calendar. I can see it in BB DM, but because I don't sync via USB, I can't find a way to include it on the sync.

    The only thing I can figure is that I go into the advanced settings for calendar, select the Internet calendar folder, and do one manual sync - but will that make such a calendar sync permanent? Can I simply plug in occasionally and include that in a manual sync while excluding everything else?

    Thanks, and please let me know.
    01-06-10 05:28 PM