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    This problem started approximately 45 days ago.

    I noticed that calls to my device were not coming through. I would suddenly get voice mail notifications without ever hearing the phone ring or getting a missed call notification.

    I contacted Rogers ... there were no network isses. for $10.00 I bought a new sim card .. mine was about 3.5 years old anyways. That did not resolve the problem.

    I did an os reload and again, the problem came back sproadically.

    Because it is so sporadic, It is hard to determine whether or not a particular app has messed up the telephone function of my device.

    Rogers declaired defective device antenna (just like that) and sent me out a re-furb. I was one month away from warranty expiration so I took the refurb and happy to say I finally got a made in Canada device!! lol ... but... problem not solved.

    This has started happening again.

    Randomly, calls don't come through, the phone doesn't even ring .. and I only know this because I will get new voicemail notifications.

    Can anyone assist in what may be causing this? I've contacted Rogers Mobile and they can't figure it out. Could there be an app causing this? Is there anyway to tell when an app was installed so that I can try to determine what was installed on or near the date this started occurring?

    Any help would be appreciated. Running the latest Rogers OS 7.1.039. Appls include:

    Score Mobile
    Score Mobile FC
    Photo editor ultimate
    Blackberry protect
    Screen Grabber
    Flashlight by Oswald Designs

    09-25-12 12:51 PM
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    1. Back up all data via desktop manager
    2. Security wipe (options-security-security wipe)
    3. Do a selective restore from back up (calendar, contacts, memo, task.. nothing else)
    4. Do not install any apps yet
    5. Monitor device behavior
    6. Slowly install apps one by one giving time in between to monitor device behavior
    7. This is very time consuming, but you will find the culprit

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    09-25-12 09:37 PM