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    Hey guys, well I've searched in your forum and the internet overall, and I can't find a solution to this.

    I like my 9800 with stock ringtones, don't care about music or anything else. My phone froze three days ago and I usually have it on vibrate so I didn't notice until now that ALL stock ringtones are gone!!! Simply gone. They're not in the media card, not my backup, not anywhere. Now it has an annoying beeping sound even for the alarm.

    How can I get the stock ringtones for the 9800?
    06-11-12 04:44 PM
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    I would really appreciate some help on this, thanks in advance!
    06-12-12 12:11 PM
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    If the COD file is somehow missing on your phone now, you can download the current OS version onto your PC and use App Loader to reinstall the ringtone file. Alternatively you can use BBSAK to install all of the OS ringtone CODs onto your phone. Check out the 9800 forum for OS download links.

    If it's just a matter of missing ringtones, your preferences should go back into effect as soon as the ringtone COD is loaded. I get this every time I update my Torch OS, after which I have to reinstall the OS5 ringtone COD from mobile.blackberry.com .
    06-12-12 02:52 PM
  4. lordnorms's Avatar
    As stated above,the easiest way is to go to mobile.blackberry.com
    06-13-12 12:32 AM
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    Thank you for your answers guys. Now I have the OS5 ringtones but I don't like 'em at all. Its not fair to have those sounds when you got a torch with better sounds.

    So I looked in the site for the OS6 sounds but nothing, I could only download them one by one. F**k that hehe (pardon my french).

    Well, I posted this on the forum you referred me to, maybe I can get help there too. Thanks again guys.
    06-13-12 09:22 PM
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    U can try this stock ringtone from os7. Basically it's just the same with os6 but with some additional tones (I don't know which ones). Don't worry, it is compatible with ur device (I guess). Works well with my 9700. Here you go. http://www.gadzonemobile.net/OTA/Bla...ngtonesOS7.jad

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    06-14-12 07:30 AM