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    Hello beautiful people of CrackBerry!
    Firstly I'm from Turkey. Now straight to the question/toughts:
    Yesterday I bought a beautiful 9790 from a lad here. Since then i dove into the forums and discovered BIS services are not available anymore in our country. I set the phone up with Wi-Fi as best as i could, but since i can't use BBM and such without BIS service I did not put my sim in(yet). I will go to my provider and ask for a identical extra sim (i dont know whats it called in English sorry). But before that I wondered about this; Can I buy BIS services from other countries since no company provides BIS deals here.
    If yes i will do it, if not should i go for the identical sim and follow the Non-BIS road without the juicy goods like BBM and such.
    (I will use the phone as a fun little sidekick to my main one and of course use it for daily things like mails,calls,texts)
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    BIS has to be offered by the cellular service you are using.... using another company aboard would get into roaming issues. Hopefully someone can suggest somone that still offers BIS.

    Can use the phone without BIS.... but it's limited.
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    08-17-18 10:03 AM
  3. immabirdmf's Avatar
    Oh okay Sadly none of the services available offers BIS So i will use it with my normal cellular sim then... Thanks for the reply
    08-17-18 10:07 AM

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