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    I've had this problem since using the 9810, and now the 9900. im on, but it has been happening since os 7.0. i have the social feeds app, and i downloaded the podcasts app from rroyy's homepage, and thus started downloading podcasts. however the media view in the social feeds app, which is supposed to display the podcasts went missing after a battery pull reset. when i checked the options the podcasts app was checked in the integrated applications. so i added my own custom 'view' and named it "media" and added the podcasts, and upon my next battery pull i had 2 "media" views, one was my custom made 'media' view and the other, the locked original 'media' view. so i deleted my custom made one, without the need for 2 of the same views. but alas, after doing so the original media view disappeared after a battery pull reset, and this cycle continues on and on. can anyone help?!?!?!
    04-22-12 09:09 AM