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    So i installed 5.0 OS onto my friend's Tour version I also installed a hybrid OS onto my friend's 8330, version Both are reporting issues when they try to SMS someone, the bottom part where they write their message is not there. I've seen it happen on their phone too. At first we tried to delete the last message, which helped sometimes. Other times we deleted the whole conversation. Bit even then, sometime they try to SMS someone totally new and the issue would still happen. I have HARDLY seen this issue on my Tour running the same version. The only thing different on their phones is they have a font size of 11 and 9 while mine is on 6.

    The only slight work around I have seen is to ESCAPE out of the SMS. Go back to the address book, highlight the user you want to SMS, and then hit menu, SMS. Before my friends would go into the address entry, highlight the number they want to SMS, and then hit menu, SMS.

    I tried searching for this in the forums but didn't find anyone else having that issue. I have heard this problem from many of my friends that I have installed OS 5.0. Any work around or fix for this?

    UPDATE: was able to isolate the issue.
    If you go into your address book, open up a contact entry, and then hit menu, compose SMS, that's where the issue happens. If you compose an SMS any other way, it works fine. These 3 methods work fine:
    1. Going to address book, highlighting the person's name, then hitting menu, compose sms.
    2. Typing the person's name from the home screen, selecting the number, menu, compose sms.
    3. In the messages folder, hit T to go to the top, menu, compose sms, type in contact's name, hit OK.

    It's just in that 1 method of composing a SMS is where this issue happens. Not a big deal to me but every person i load a hybrid OS for always complains about this.
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    Thanks for the workaround. I was having the same problem.
    12-26-09 12:50 PM