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    Language packs which come with the OS include not only keyboard input support but also menus and help files in most languages. French language pack, for instance, takes up over 7 MB of storage space when it is installed. This is an overkill for those users who only need a foreign language support to write an occasional email to family or colleagues in another country. The solution provided below is a custom language pack with only the keyboard input support and the spell checker. It takes up about 1 MB of storage space and it should work with any European language, including Greek and Russian, but has not been tested with Asian languages.

    1) On the computer install the same OS as the one running on the phone. Ideally, it should be the last OS available for the device, as shown in the sticky section of CB subforum dedicated to that particular BlackBerry model.

    2) Copy the following three files from the \Java folder to a new folder named KbdPT (it can be any other name of your choice). Portuguese language files are used here as an example:


    In Windows XP the full path to the Java folder is as follows:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\your_os_name\Java\

    3) Create a JAD file using the three files listed above as the source. So now the folder will contain four files:


    4) Copy that folder to SD card on the BlackBerry, navigate to KbdPT.jad file using BB "Files" app (or any other file manager) and install the custom language pack.

    5) Reboot the BlackBerry.

    6) Hit Alt+Enter and select the language as needed. Here is a screenshot from my test phone:


    To select accented letters and other non English letters when typing you need to press/hold the key and scroll the trackpad (vertically or horizontally).

    For tips about installing apps from SD card please refer to paragraph #1b and #4 in the first post here:

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    "Shrink-A-OS" was always a must when every I reloaded the OS on any of my BBOS phones... made removing language packs, and unneeded apps a breeze. For the BlackBerry Storm it made a HUGE difference in performance.
    12-30-19 09:27 AM

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