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    Anyone's help on this would be amazing. I am running OS 5.0 Bundle 1600 (v5.0.0.975, Platform BES and Verizon is my provider.

    Downloaded BBM 6 today. After install and restart, mailbox (email and SMS) wouldn't open at all (incidentally this often happens... after installing Facebook app, BBAW, but it often fixes after a battery pull or two).

    Endless battery pulls will not fix. Email wouldn't sync with server, phone would trip out, BBM licensing agreement came up, then froze after accept.

    Started in Safe Mode and all was brilliant. Email popped right up. Figured BBM was the issue and went to remove using desktop manager. BBM not appearing in application list on DM. Also not showing up on phone when I load apps on there through options. BBM, however, is on the blackberry and will run in safe mode.

    Any ideas what is going on and how to fix? Would be nice to not be in safe mode. Thank you!!
    07-28-11 07:40 PM