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    I want to download contacts from my Curve 9300 to my computer. Cant figure out how to do so. Please advise? I found a guide, which I'll outline below, but that didnt work.

    Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.
    Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software and choose Organizer.
    Under Synchronization Settings, click Configure Settings.
    In the Select Device application display window, highlight and select the Address Book check box.
    Click Setup next to Advanced...
    In the Select a desktop application window, highlight ASCII Importer/Exporter and then click Next.

    I then clicked "One way sync FROM Device". That didnt work, said my contacts are set to sync wirelessly so this cant be done.

    Btw I have a file with all my old numbers on my desktop (which arent in my current BB). If I select "One way sync TO device" would it upload those contacts to my BB, and leave my existing numbers in the BB intact, or would it over-write the numbers in the BB?
    07-13-12 09:03 PM
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    no response?
    07-22-12 04:39 AM