1. jackbox's Avatar
    Where's our Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza gift? It seems like the leaks have been out long enough where is our official 5.0 releases?
    12-28-09 02:21 AM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    The only difference between a leak and an official is that the official has been approved by a carrier. So be mad at the carriers, not RIM.

    They do need to release an OS that's stable enough for a carrier to approve. But maybe they have and the carriers are taking a long time.
    12-28-09 02:46 AM
  3. mettleh3d's Avatar
    Oh sweet I didn't know forums.crackberry.com was RIM's inbox.

    Seriously, what're you hoping for? Most every 5.0 leak thus far has a bug or ten that keep them from being permanent keepers. And there won't be an official version released that's newer any leak so far so...

    Stop wishing upon a star. forums.crybaby.com foreal

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    12-28-09 04:16 AM